What do you do?
I am a PhD Student at the University of Oxford where I study sand hazards to desert railways as part of the Sand Mitigation Around Railways (SMaRT) research group.

Why do http://www.smart-eid.euyou do that?
Desert railways are key transport links in many developing countries and are vital networks for the transport of natural resources, goods, and people. However, these railways face the problem of sand accumulation on and around them, eroding tracks, and generally causing a nuisance! 
My research focuses on assessing the movement of wind and windblown sand around railway tracks, and testing new ways of mitigating the effects of sand accomulation.

What’s this blog about?
I’ve set this website up as a way to document my time as a PhD student at Oxford, to discuss my research, and to show off some of my photos from both fieldwork and my adventures about the place.